Can you believe it, Class of 2019!!!

YOUR Year is almost here!!!  I would be elated for you to celebrate it with SEEDS Studio. I have been so lucky to work with so many awesome teens over the past years, I am so excited to work with you class of 2019!  



About SEEDS STUDIO...  That is me ( and the rest of my family members) SEEDS is an acronym, the first initial of each family member. I can not sell you seeds, but I can offer you an amazing Senior Session that you and you family will love. You will have an awesome experience being a Rep for SEEDS Studio and it's super easy.

Why should you become a SEEDS STUDIO REP?  Because it's FUN and you will LOVE being one. You will be pampered        ( even the dudes!) You will be the face of SEEDS Studio for the class of 2019. The images we take during your mini session will be used to create marketing material for you to share with family and friends. Your Senior Session will be designed just for you, your taste, your style, your location of choice (  Metro Detroit Area) It's all about you and creating an amazing experience

REP PERKS!!   As a Rep for SEEDS STUDIO  your session will take place in Mid May of your Jr. Year ( subject to change) before the mad rush of senior sessions begin. For each" booked referral " you will receive CASH!!!!! That's right! Money for you to spend however and wherever you like. As  a SEEDS Studio Rep you are invited to be a part of  a VIP Crew, which will gain you access to styled shoots, themed concepts and other modeling opportunities throughout the year.

THE GOODS  All of SEEDS STUDIO Reps will receive a download of images for you to share with your friends, along with info about SEEDS STUDIO collections making your job super easy. Plus each "booked friend" you do refer can also refer me to other friends and THEY can RECEIVE $50 as well!! {must be a payed booking} This does not include the  Essential Collection

KEEPING IT LEGAL  It is required of all SEEDS STUDIO Reps and a Parent/ Guardian to complete a Senior Rep Model Contract/Agreement. Accepted applicants will be provided with this info

I AM TOTALLY  INTERESTED...NOW WHAT?   Please be sure you have read all the details before applying below :) Remember I'm only accepting two reps from each local high school in the Metro Detroit area, the faster you apply the better your chances! {Please fill in all required fields}

~I am so excited for you to be apart of the team~


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