Scottie Magro is a self taught fashion and lifestyle photographer based in the Metro Detroit area. Born in St Louis and raised in Chicago, Scottie Magro picked up a camera at a early age documenting little details of  life's journeys. After college  and a two year stay in Germany, she pursued photography embarking in her artistic journey and never looking back. 

Inspired by old polaroids and vintage clothing, Scottie creates unique, dreamy, aesthetic, ethereal, imagery focusing on the smallest of details. Her signature style is known throughout the Metro Detroit area.  

Clients- The Paper Dress Code, POSH Hair and Makeup Studio, Salone Del Dole, SOLO Detroit, ELLEMBEE, Hoot On Main, Lilac Pop, The Studio FOr Hair, Jeannie Jachman, Planterra, Lawrence Tech, WLP/WLC, Vergie Geroux Vintage, Gina's Bridal, Eclectic Attic, Om Planet/ New Zealand

Publications- Somerset Studio, Somerset Wedding, Artful Blogging, Transparent Art, Parenting  Magazine, Mom Stew Magazine 248-561-3161 

Scottie Magro

Detroit Fashion/ Commercial Photographer

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