I love that saying "Be the person you needed when you were younger" A fundamental foundation is so important for a child to become a healthy and productive adult.. Raising my children was one of the hardest, most rewarding  jobs ever! The foundation you create and the tools you give as a parent are the upmost vital, especially in a young child life, when they are most fragile and most malleable. There are approximately 440,000 children living in foster care in the United States TODAY!  Many of them have had multiple homes, many of them will age out, not finish college, not have the opportunities most children in loving home do. It's a very minute few  that do not fall though the cracks! I was lucky, that was me! not many people know, I don't talk about the details too much about my experience.  I know what it's like first hand to not really have a home, not sure when your next meal will be, not having a place to sleep, never uttering the words mom and dad, or  never really calling a  place a true home. So, I mentor at risk kids and kids in foster care. I remember that feeling like you have no one  and I hope that I make a small difference. I hope and I try to be the person that I needed long ago, I try to be that someone.

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 I volunteer for Child Safe Of Michigan and love being a mentor. I'm grateful for the opportunity. Giving back is not only important, I have always felt it's dutiful!! If you can you should! I am very fortunate I can. For more information about Child Safe, becoming a mentor or adoption click below